A Little Bit of Everything



August 2023


35 × 40 cm









Day 3 on island Vir in Croatia

In the morning gloom, I hurry to the sea. The sky is restless, downright angry. On the one hand, I'm a little worried about what's to come, on the other, I know it will bring fun to the painting. The beach and pier normally crowded, now quiet and deserted...

I'm fearlessly starting painting at the end of the pier. It's windless from this side of the sea, the high mountain range at the other end of the sea keeps me safe. The sun rises on the right in front of me through shredded clouds, casting streaks of light into the mountains. On the left in front of me, parts of the sea are misted up by heavy rains. At the same time beautiful rainbow appears on my left side and from behind, terrifying dark storm is coming to me. I'm still standing at the end of that pier though. The water around me flows calmly. I, too, feel calm painting. What will come will also pass eventually. So I am leaving the storm behind me and barely register the first drops at all.

That day, the sky was dramatically raining, blowing, and thundering. Fortunately, with my early morning session, I was able to enjoy the gradual arrival of the storm still safely.

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